single-step 3.0

Single-step allows you to describe your current life situation (See all)

Single-step features:
-Allows you to describe your current life situation.
-Helps you to identify the areas you would most like to change.
-Provides structure to assist you in defining and setting your goals.
-Helps you progress daily towards your goals and track the progress that you are making.
-Helps you in graph your progress to show quantifiable gains.
-Allows you to set new goals as old ones are achieved.
-Helps you motivate yourself, providing daily inspiration as needed to get you past those low moments.
-Allows you to attach motivational pictures and images to your goals to stimulate you and inspire you to success.
-Provides affirmation and visualization exercises to help overcome sub-conscious hurdles & barriers.
-Provides encouragement as you progress along the path by tracking the feedback of your friends, family, and colleagues.
-And much, much more!

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